photo of a social engagement group discussion about water reuse in Canada

Social Engagement

What We Do

To get a fundamental understanding of what is needed from a societal perspective for water reuse to be implemented, we engage with private citizens, special interest groups, indigenous organizations and scholars, industry, municipal governments, government regulators, and water service providers. For each stakeholder group we want to know:

  • What knowledge exists regarding water reuse and what further information is needed?
  • What kinds of potential reclaimed water (i.e. stormwater, rainwater, greywater, municipal) would be of interest and for what uses (e.g. irrigation, toilet flushing, washing, etc.)?
  • What current reuse projects are known?
  • What are the barriers to water reuse projects?

We are currently conducting various types of social engagement projects, including interviews, focus groups, online engagements, and public workshops to create a broad understanding of the reality of water reuse.

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Focus Groups

We conducted focus groups to understand meanings and interpretations held within the general public to gain the understanding of a specific issue from the perspective of the participants of the group. Connecting with people using focus group sessions allows us opportunities, through social interactions, to experience a greater range and diversity of responses through collective talk. The objective is to have an informed understanding of conversations that Edmontonians are having about certain environmental themes. A summary report of the focus group findings will be posted soon.

Interviews with Regulators

We conducted interviews with government regulators in Alberta to understand the decision making processes of regulators regarding the issue of water reuse. This study aimed to identity key concerns, and provide a baseline assessment of water practitioners’ perceptions and understandings of risks regarding water reuse. A summary report of the interview findings will be posted soon.

Interviews with Experienced Water Reuse Professionals

We will be conducting interviews with individuals involved in water reuse projects to learn the experience of water reuse projects in Canada. We would like to understand the factors that contribute to the implementation of water reuse. We are also interested in understanding the challenges that are faced when implementing water reuse projects.  The objective is to have an informed understanding of producer perspective on water reuse, and learn the reasons for success and failure. A summary report of the interview findings will be posted soon.

Public Engagement

We are currently conducting online engagement with general public across Canada using Ethelo, an online platform, to understand attitudes towards water reuse addressing various topics, including the acceptability of water reuse, and perceptions about the benefits and risks of water reuse. The objective is to have an informed understanding of consumer perspective on water reuse, and what is needed for acceptance. A summary report of this engagement findings will be posted once the engagement is complete.

Dialogue-Based Workshops

We conduct workshops through organized academic and non-profit conferences in Canada to discuss with conference delegates their perspectives about water reuse. These workshops consist of education on water reuse and a World Cafe to engage participants in well-informed, meaningful dialogue. We are also planning workshops with municipalities to engage public citizens.


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