Why Should We be Considering This Now?

illustration for drivers of resource recovery

While the short-term advantage of water reuse and resource recovery is conservation of water and energy, the long-term benefits are threefold: environmental protection, economic sustainability, and social sustainability.

Environmental Protection

  • Reduce contamination to our water systems by decreasing water being taken and returned on a regular basis
  • Decrease energy used to treat all water to an unnecessarily high standard
  • Promote healthy aquatic ecosystems and reduce algal blooms and fish kills

Economic Sustainability

  • Recover wastewater resources, such as biogas, thermal heat and nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen)
  • Diversify the water services sector and build decentralized services when needed within growth areas
  • Increase the availability of locally sourced resources

Social Sustainability

  • Promote responsible use of renewable resources
  • Build healthier communities with local recreational/food availability for future generations
  • Develop water services resilient to demographic and climate changes

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